Adult Baptism

If you are an adult and would like to be baptised then we would encourage you to enrol on our annual Alpha course. We baptise either in our font at church or by full immersion in the River Stour, next to the church.

Please speak to the Rector to discuss this further.

Infant baptism

Are you interested in Baptism at Canford Parish Church? Great – read on to understand how we approach baptisms at our church and what your next step could be...

We believe it is important to try to engage with your local church if at all possible.

1. Do you live in the parish?      

  If No – please first contact your local church and investigate having your child baptised there. 

  If Yes – Great – read on...

We believe that coming to baptism is about journeying with the family of God.

2. Are you regularly attending a service at Canford Church? 

  If No – come and join us, our All-age service is Breakfast@9 and is at 9 til 10am every Sunday morning in the Church Centre – see here for more details.

We also have weekly services at 8.30am, 10.30am and 7pm click here for more details.

  If Yes – Great – read on...

We believe that the promises made at baptism are are a serious commitment to God, and something we would not want anyone to take lightly.  It requires a three way partnership of parents and your Church, working with God to bring your child to maturity of faith. 

3. Are you wanting to celebrate the birth of your new baby and connect yourself and them with the Christian faith by making a serious commitment to God? 

  If No – we can arrange a Thanksgiving service at fairly short notice, there is no formal preparation and you can return to have your child baptised at a later date when you are ready to commit more fully to God and the Christian faith.

  If Yes – Come along to our next 'Baptism Explored' session and learn more, we do an hour session in the church centre on a Sunday afternoon and then two weeks later we meet in the church and walk through the significance of the Baptism service and the promises you will make for your child. 

For more details please email Sharon Cooksley our Children and Families coordinator or phone our office on 01202 882270

For more information about Baptism in the Church of England visit the CofE website here