Teaching Programme

Worship Service Times

  • 8.30 am    BCP HC 1st Sunday and Festivals
  • 9 am  Breakfast @9 Most Sundays
  • 10.30am   Morning Worship 1st Sunday
  • 10.30am Morning Celebration Sundays, except 1st

BCP Holy Communion - a  traditional said service from the Book of Common Prayer

Breakfast @9  - a tasty breakfast at 9am followed by an informal service of praise and bite-sized Bible teaching - finishes at 10am.  Held in the CMC.

(There is no Breakfast @9 on Festival Days

—Christmas Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost and Harvest)

Together @10.30 - a time when the whole Church family comes together to celebrate festivals. 

Morning Celebration - worship and teaching, prayer ministry and Communion with a children’s group on the 3rd Sunday. 

Morning Worship - worship and teaching, testimony and prayer with a mission focus. 

Who’s who at the Parish Church 

Staff Team 

Team Rector Canon Chris Tebbutt

Other Ministers Revd Jean Audibert
          Revd. Dr. Anne Gee OBE
          Revd. Bev Probert
          Revd. Sandra Tebbutt
          Mr John Bentall
          Mrs Angela Castleton

Family Life Co-ordinator Mrs Sharon Cooksley
Worship Co-ordinator Mr Stephen Orman

Parish Church Secretary Mrs Carrie Partridge

Church Wardens Mrs Jane Hazell
          Mrs Sandra Webster

Other key contacts 
Team Vicars (Bearwood) Revd. Geoff Boland
(Lantern) Vacancy

Youth Pastor Jared Littlewood

All staff can be contacted by emailing admin@canfordparish.org or by phoning the Parish Church Office from 10am-12:00pm (Not Thurs) on
01202 882270.

Welcome to Canford! We are a lively welcoming church where we seek to combine the best of    Word” and “Spirit”. We place a high priority on Bible centered ministry, together with a commitment to be open and give space for the work of the Holy Spirit to transform our lives. If you are new please speak to me, or contact Carrie in the office to arrange a visit - we’d love to get to know you better. 

Dear Friends 

This term we are focussing on the foundations of our faith, both at Breakfast and 10:30. At the former we are looking at the beginnings and life of Jesus’ ministry. At the latter we focus on two key areas of our Christian faith: the Bible and the Cross. If you are not in a study or Life Group I recommend you speak to me or Sandra Webster. There will be much to discuss and learn as we ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us through Winter towards a glorious Easter! Love and prayers,