Canford Magna Centre


The Parish Church has a very well equipped and modern church centre called the CMC.  This comprises a large entrance hall, with modern toilet facilities for disabled, ladies and men, a committee room, a modern well equipped kitchen with double oven, and a large hall that can be subdivided into a smaller and medium sized space. 

The capacity in the large hall is 70 (seated at tables).  The spaciousness of the centre makes it ideal for small conferences, meetings, presentations and informal worship.  

The CMC has recently been refurbished and redecorated in a modern and attractive colour scheme.    

Cost structure for hiring the CMC:

Main Hall + Kitchen = £25/hour

Meeting Room + £15/hour

Whole space = £30/hour.


There will be a 20% reduction for:
Churches, charities, block bookings, Canford Magna Parish Church members for their own personal/family activities only.


Please contact the office for details.