All about Us

Revd Canon Chris & Revd Sandra Tebbutt


Chris is the Team Vicar of Parish Church and heads the Church Leadership Team.  Sandra is an Associate Priest in the parish and also works on the national team at Bible Society.  They are passionate about seeing the church grow and therefore fully embrace the church's vision: growing the Kingdom, growing disciples.



Staff Team



Mr David Grant and Mrs Nicky Smart


Family Life Co-ordinator     Mrs Sharon Cooksley   

Sharon is our Family Life Coordinator.  She has been involved in children's work here at the Parish Church since 2004, although has worshipped within the parish since she was 10 years old.  As her own family are grown (but not yet flown the nest!) she loves the opportunity to engage with families and children of all ages in both community and church settings.  Sharon is married to Ken, and enjoys reading, gardening and good historical dramas. 

Parish Church Secretary     Mrs  Carrie Partridge   

 Carrie has been the Parish Secretary and the Rector’s Personal Assistant since 2015.
She also assists Rev Andrew Rowland as Rural Dean of the Wimborne Deanery. Carrie enjoys playing hockey with Wimborne Wayfarers and is a member of the Broadstone Community Band. 

Additional Ministers

Canford is blessed with a very active team of retired ministers who also lead a number of the church's ministries

Revd. Dr Anne Gee  OBE (Pastoral Care team)
Revd. Bev Probert (with June, Prayer Ministry co-ordinators)

Mr John Bentall (Pastoral Care and Ministry to the Deaf)
Mrs Angela Castleton (Spirituality co-ordinator)

Leadership team* and Sub-Committee

Leadership Team Chairman 

Children & Families - Sharon Cooksley

Buildings and maintenance - Chris Heppenstall

Kingfisher 2 Project - Iain Stevenson*

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator  - Rev Chris Tebbutt

Mission & Social Action - Karen Mounce*

Worship - Stephen Orman*

Social & outreach - Ellie Payne

Ministry - Chris Tebbutt*

Treasurer & Finance - Robin Christopher

Discipleship & Life Groups - Sandra Webster*

Other Leadership Team /Sub-Committee members

Parish Safeguarding Representative - Jane Hazell*

Breakfast@9 - Assistant Pastors - Pete and Jenny Triplow*

Associate Priest - Rev Sandra Tebbutt*

Health and Safety - Ken Cooksley

Other key contacts at Canford

Team Vicars

St. Barnabas (Bearwood) -  Revd. Geoff Boland

The Lantern (Merley) -  Rev Mike Tufnell

All staff can be contacted through the Office
from 10am-12:00pm  (Not Thurs)