Adult Baptism

If you are an adult and would like to be baptised then we would encourage you to enrol on our annual Alpha course. We baptise either in our font at church or by full immersion in the River Stour, next to the church.

Please speak to the Rector to discuss this further.

Infant baptism/Thanksgiving

Are you interested in Baptism at Canford Parish Church?

Great – read on to understand how we approach baptisms at our church:

  • We believe it is important to try to engage with your local church if at all possible.
  • We believe that coming to baptism is about journeying with the family of God.
  • We believe that the promises made at baptism are a serious commitment to God, and something we would not want anyone to take lightly.

Not sure if baptism is right for you? Why not have a Thanksgiving service?

For more details please email Sharon Cooksley our Children and Families coordinator or phone our office on 01202 882270.

River Stour Baptisms at Canford Sunday 25 August 2019


We had a wonderful day at Canford on Sunday when five people expressed their faith in Jesus by affirming their baptism by full immersion in the River Stour.  They were (l to r) Scott Colbert, Lisa Ward, Alison Farrell, Sharon Baldwin and Ian Laws. It was a lovely warm day and about 100 family and friends attended with people from the three congregations represented.